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Lobster and porcini mushroom crêpes ;
Roasted red peppers stuffed with oxtail ;
Artichokes filled with seafood and porcini mushrooms ;
Consommé ;
Fish soup ;
Foie pâté ;
Jabugo cured mountain ham ;
Selection of haouse terrines ;
Fish terrine ;
Warm salad of baby squid and salmon ;
Mixed salad with tuna
Season fresh vegetable panache ;
Pasta with porcini mushrooms, bacon and shrimps ;
Roasted red peppers stuffed with seafood ;
Rice with cod and clams (allow 20 minutes) ;
Lobster salad ;
Asparagus au gratin with salmon ;
Scrambled eggs with porcini mushrooms ;
Baked porcini mushrooms ;
Grilled shrimps from Huelva ;
Salad of Dublin Bay prawns, clams, shrimp and porcini mushrooms ;
Slice of fresh foie gras with crispy salad ;


Fresh sauteed foie gras with apple garnish ;
Duck thigh confit with raspberry sauce ;
Thick T-bone steak with roasted red peppers ;/Kg
Beef tenderloin with truffle sauce ;
Duck breast magret in Porto wine sauce ;
Entrcôte cooked inred wine ;
Baby lamb chops with roasted red peppers ;
Venison ragout with plums and raisons in Armagnac ;
Veal escalope in Roquefort sauce ;
Selection of mats each with their own sauce ;
Beef cheeks stewed with vegetables ;


Baby squid in ink sauce ;
Cod in green parsley sauce, "pil-pil" or Club Ranero ;
Hake fillet with "kokotxas" and clams ;
Sole meunière with porcini mushroom julienne ;
Clams cooked with onions and parsley ;
Monkfish with clams and shrimps ;
Pot-pourri of fish and seafood cooked in champagne ;
Baked turbot ;
Baked salmon with onion sauce ;
Batter fried "kokotxas" ;
"Kokotxas" pil-pil style ;
Baked hake with clams and shrimps ;
Hake stuffed with seafood and porcini mushrooms ;
Selection of fish prepared in the traditional style ;


Rice pudding ;
Cannoli stuffed with cream ;
Armagnac prunes Biscuit ;
Whisky Cake ;
Assorted ice cream ;
Pippin apple tart tatin;
Walnut brownie with vanilla ice cream
Cheesecake with raspberries;
Banana cake with chocolate ;
Idiazabal cheese with quince;
Fruit salad;
Home Cup ;
Lemon Sorbet with Cava ;
Assorted desserts ;
Chocolate Mousse;
Souffle Alaska (20 minutes, order from the beginning);
Diplomatic Pudding (Flan with raisins and biscuit);
Irish Coffee
Scottish Café;


Pedro Ximenez;
   Porto Ferreira;
Ochoa Moscatel ;


Marqués de Monistrol Brut Gran Coupage;
Anna de Codorniu;
Mestres Brut Nature;
Juve y Camps R.V.A. ;
Mestres Coupage Rose ;


Moët Chandon;


Pacharán, Orujo, Anis ;
Carlos III, Magno or similar;
Ballentines, Glen Grant, J. B. or similar 
Soda and liquor combined ;
Cardhu Malt;
Remy Martin;
Armagnac Samalens or Clés des Ducs;
Lepanto Brandy ;
Gran Duque de Alba ;
Carlos I ;
Cardenal Mendoza ;
Macallan 12 years ;
Knockando ;
Calvados ;

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